Anti-Money Laundering policy and Know Your Customer policy (hereinafter referred to as the Policy) are added for the purpose to limit the possibility of to engage in any kind of illegal activity.

For the purposes of this Policy, is guided by the following international and regulatory legal acts and standards:

- The Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Transfer of Funds (Information on the Payer) Regulations 2017;

- JMLSG - Joint Money Laundering Steering Group;

- Directive (EU) 2018/843 of the European Parliament and of the Council dated 30 May 2018 and amending Directive (EU) 2015/849;

- The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002;

- Terrorism Act 2000 and 2001;

- Counter-Terrorism Act 2008;

- HM Treasury Sanction Notices;

In accordance with international regulations, uses the most advanced technologies and mechanisms aimed at preventing money laundering, terrorist financing, drug and human trafficking, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, corruption and bribery, and at responding to any form of suspicious activity on the part of our Users.

applies to its Users all verification procedures (Customer Due Diligence (CDD)) which comply with international standards for combating money laundering and preventing the financing of terrorism.

ensures the effective implementation and enforcement of the AML Anti-Money Laundering to prevent the legalization of proceeds from crime and terrorism financing in accordance with the methods outlined below:

- Collection of user identification information;

- Establishing and updating internal policies and procedures for completing, reviewing, submitting, and maintaining all reports and records required by applicable laws and regulations;

- Monitoring of transactions and investigation of any significant deviations from regular activities;

- Frequent updating of the risk assessment.

- Providing law enforcement with information required by applicable laws and regulations.

- In accordance with this Policy, will monitor all transactions and reserves the right to:

- Request from the User any additional information and documents in the event that such User conducts a suspicious transaction;

- Suspend or terminate the User's account if has a reasonable suspicion that it is being used to conduct illegal activities.

The above methods are not exhaustive and may be modified by unilaterally.

will monitor Users' transactions on an ongoing basis to determine whether they shall be treated as suspicious or shall be treated as legitimate.

In accordance with international standards and requirements, applies risk assessment practices to prevent the legalization of proceeds from crime and terrorism financing. By applying the practice of risk assessment for the purposes specified in this Policy, ensures that the measures to prevent the legalization of proceeds from crime and terrorism financing are commensurate with the identified risks.

The anti-fraud policy is an integral part of TERMS OF SERVICE, the essence whereof is to prevent or partially deter fraud, corrupt activities, collusion, money laundering, terrorism financing or any other illegal activities on the Website.

is committed to high legal, ethical, and moral standards, and therefore, Users and affiliates of the Website have every right to expect to implement protection against any illegal or unlawful actions at a high level.

In the event of a reasoned and justified suspicion that an individual is directly or indirectly connected with terrorism, its financing, money laundering or fraud, reserves the right to thoroughly investigate the said individual using all legal methods and means specified in the legislation and in the General Agreement, as well as in integral parts (appendices) to the General Agreement.

The Anti-Fraud Officer is a person who is engaged in detecting, investigating, and defending in order to prevent illegal activities.

In some cases, reserves the right to engage third parties to research individuals in order to collect enough proof or evidence to hand them over to the relevant authorities.

The Anti-Fraud Officer is also responsible for the following:

Collection and storage of any information on the case of the alleged suspect, including information about users, operations, and transactions;

Reporting their findings to and the relevant authorities, as well as to third parties if providing such information is necessary for the investigation.

The Anti-Fraud Officer has full authority to prosecute, open and close investigations, and report any Prohibited Conduct investigation to the extent of his or her competence, without prior warning, consent, and/or intervention by the suspected individual or entity. All investigations are strictly objective and confidential.

reserves the right to block any User's account and all their funds until the circumstances are clarified, in order to ensure a prompt and complete procedure for such an investigation.

In accordance with the PRIVACY POLICY and TERMS OF USE of , the User shall cooperate with the Anti-Fraud Officer as quickly and efficiently as possible, including providing relevant information and documentation if the aforementioned officer so requests.

All documentation and materials collected and created in the course of investigating a suspect's Prohibited Activities shall be kept strictly confidential. The information shall be kept confidential in the interests of those responsible for the violation, of third parties, and of the investigation.

The Anti-Fraud Officer shall disclose confidential information only to those individuals or companies who are authorized to receive such information when it is necessary to conduct an investigation or assist in an investigation.

By using the Website, the User warrants that they do not intend to engage in any of the prohibited activities described above. In addition, the User agrees to any verifications in connection with the investigation in accordance with the Policy and agrees to cooperate fully and promptly with the Anti-Fraud Officer within the framework of the investigation.

The terms of the AML Policy are subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of . By agreeing to the terms of this policy, the User agrees to assume the responsibility to check the Policy and the terms thereof on a regular basis, and to receive notifications of any changes.

In the event that the User refuses to accept changes to the Policy, he/she should cease using the services of the Website. Continued use by the User of facilities and services after changes have been introduced and came into force implies automatic acceptance of the terms.

In the event that the User is in possession of information about illegal activities or suspicious individuals, he/she is asked to contact the support service on the Website.