KYC Policy (know your customer policy), further named Policy, has been implemented to minimize the risk of Cointab Cloud Mining getting involved in a fraudulent activity.

The policy entails a Verification procedure, Transaction Monitoring, and Risk Assessment.

Cointab Cloud Mining applies the full range of Customer Due Diligence CDD) procedures which comply with the international standards for combatting money laundering and prevention of financial terrorism.

The KYC procedure follows the FATV (Financial Action Task Force) Recommendations. In accordance with the above-stated recommendations, all entities performing financial transactions are obligated to verify their identity.

KYC aims to establish and verify Users’ identity. As part of collecting data about the Users of our Website , we need to ascertain that Website users have real residential addresses, have no criminal record or are not involved in any activity which could call the legitimacy of their funds into question.

In accordance with the KYC procedure, the Users of our Website confirm their identity by presenting reliable, independent original documents, data or information (e.g., a National ID Card, international passport, driver’s license). To this effect, Cointab Cloud Mining reserves the right to collect and keep the data obtained from the User to ensure compliance with this Policy.

Cointab Cloud Mining will take the necessary measures to confirm the authenticity of the documents and data provided by the User.

Dual verification of all identification documents will be conducted via all relevant legal methods. Cointab Cloud Mining reserves the right to investigate the identities of Users deemed dangerous or suspicious.

Cointab Cloud Mining reserves the right to continuously monitor User data, including cases when their identification data had been changed or their activities appear suspicious (the legitimacy of the User’s activities is called into question). In addition, Cointab Cloud Mining has the right to request additional verification data from the User regardless of whether they have or haven’t passed a verification test in the past.

All User data received by Cointab Cloud Mining for verification purposes are being kept, used, and protected in accordance with the CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY or the Cointab Cloud Mining TERMS OF USE .

Cointab Cloud Mining reserves the right to refuse providing services to Users if they utilize the Cointab Cloud Mining services for illegal purposes, regardless of whether or not the User has passed the identity verification process.

To use payment cards for accessing the Cointab Cloud Mining services, Users must pass card verification pursuant to the instructions on the Website.

Cointab Cloud Mining can modify their KYC Policy at any time at their discretion. Users must realize that it’s in their best interest to monitor and check for changes in the KYC Policy as well as to familiarize themselves with any notifications regarding changes and amendments to the Policy.

If the User refuses to accept the KYC Policy, they cannot continue using the Cointab Cloud Mining services. Continued usage of the Website and its functions after the Policy changes have come into effect will automatically signify that the User has accepted these changes.

If Users have any information about illegal activities or suspicious entities, they should contact Support at the Website.

Cointab Cloud Mining reserves the right to execute the identity verification procedure of any user or transaction in accordance with the KYC Policy in order to incover proof of forbidden activities.